Sunday, 7 June 2009

Shiny Things!

(funky 50p jewellery)

(fabric from Japan)

This weekend was the Meadows festival. It was a bit cold but we spent lots of time rifling through lots of junk (my favourite thing) and listening to a hundred different types of music all mashed together. We spent ages hunting out magical shiny bits of costume jewellery in a huge pile marked "50p". Look at the pretty things I got! I'm such a magpie.

When we were in Japan, we went to a flea market type thing in Kyoto (amazing btw) and I bought these little scraps of fabric from a lovely man (who gave me one free). I think they are old pieces from obis/kimonos. I thought I could do something cool with them but I haven't worked out what yet! They are quite wee, measuring 17x10 cm, give me some ideas, I am quite stuck!

Its the final Apprentice tonight! I'm not too bothered who wins this one. Also, hurrah, I'm going to Canada this year, what shall I see? x

Thursday, 4 June 2009

I like this picture. 1) because I love Cyndi Lauper 2) The T-shirt amuses me

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Several sunlit days (spot the HP quote)

Oh man, I really want Stevie Nicks' Crystal Visions CD, its mad and some of it sounds really 80's. I keep feeling like I deserve to buy myself things which is dangerous, seeing as I don't yet have a job, though it is promising that I may get a job in the Bird Lab. Hurrah! Now I just have to find somewhere to live for the rest of the summer. Since friday it has been SO SUNNY that I have not really been inside much, today the weather was much cooler. I have been spending practically my whole time lounging around on the Meadows, with the majority of the city of Edinburgh really. Muchos barbequing fun and I think I may have read more books in that time than I have all year! I finally got around to reading "Rebecca" (Daphne du Maurier) which I had nearly given up for a lost cause seeing as I had started it numerous times, got bored and had to start again each time. This time I persevered and found it to be extremely good! Am going to hunt out some of the rest of her books at some point. On monday night we (foolishly) decided to climb up Arthurs Seat to see the sunrise, which was a bit of an adventure! It turned out to be very cold when we got to the top and a huge mist came rolling up out of the darkness from nowhere which dampened the sunrise effect somewhat but it was still immense fun. This is a wee bit of a ramble. I should put some interesting things in here somewhere.

These people are trying to give Polaroids a comeback and a bit of a revamp (joyousness):

If you ever read A Series of Unfortunate Events you will know this artist well, Brett Helquist is fantastic and supercool. I got a bit obsessed with cross hatching after I discovered him.

Also I saw Burn After Reading last night, it was moderately funny and weird. Brad Pitt was the most hilarious thing in it.

Also! Here is an amusing video to make you remember your elements (sounds more boring than it is)
That is enough for now I think.

P.S. I might be getting my degree tomorrow, eeeeeeek.