Thursday, 28 May 2009

The journey is the desination

I have always meant to create some sort of art "journal" type thing but I am hideously bad at sitting down and making myself do such a thing in one book. Today I revisited Dan Eldon's journals and was inspired, he was an amazing man, I'd love to do what he did. You should all look at his work because it is incredible. Even though I am 22, I still feel like I am very small and insignificant, but recently I have been noticing that there are people my age and younger than me that are all doing important things and I know that I should be too. Dan Eldon died when he was 22, so this makes me feel a little strange. (Don't know if that made much sense, but I am not very good and putting stuff into words)


(sorry some bad photos but it is not daytime atm)

I am making things! Now that I am no longer a STUDENT and I am FREE I get to do whatever I want until I realise I have no money and that I need a job. Its not as fun as I was hoping. Anyway, today I made loads of little things to use for brooches/stitchmarkers/charms.

Yesterday we had a fun party to say farewell to Matt, thankfully there were no incidents involving washing machines this time. Since Friday I have just been reading, sleeping, basking in sunlight, watching films, going on spontaneous theatre trips, having dinners with friends, dancing, pretending to be an animal and experimenting with some arty endeavours. Apparently it is going to be really hot tomorrow IT BETTER BE I CAN'T WAIT!

Going to do some painting now, a bientot!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Maaoowwwwrrrrrrrr (or something)

(Wallis the wallaby pokes his head out of his surrogate pouch, an animal keeper's woolly hat, at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, in Wraxall, near Bristol. He was found in a field after falling out of his mother's pouch and being rejected)

This was on BBC news today, it makes me feel like making a weird noise at JUST HOW CUTE IT IS! I can't stop looking at it!!!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Oh dear, the presentation I am making is pretty poor. I'm so bored of it that the whole thing is very....blah.

But anyway, quick question: Would Voldemort prefer Rich Tea or Custard Creams?
This whole discussion makes me laugh everytime I read it! I like that so many people have opinions on this and the answers are amazing (examples below)!

"I don't think Voldemort would like any biscuit with a soft centre! He seems more of a Hobnob guy to me. I can just see him sitting there with a steaming mug of Unicorn's blood, wearing his fluffy Dementor slippers!"

"Nobody in their right mind could possibly prefer Rich Tea to anything!
Voldemort is not in his right mind.
Therefore he prefers Rich Tea."

"You're all way out. It`s got to be a Jacobs cracker"

Monday, 18 May 2009

Boxes galore!

I am the queen of thriftyness! I saved all the boxes I got from ordering Primers and made them pretty, look! I'm going to use them for birthday presents and such like.

(The red one is how they look originally)

Align Left

Saturday, 9 May 2009

What time is it?

Man, I hope you have all seen ADVENTURE TIME cos if you havent WHY I ASK YOU WHY.

The reason that I bring adventure time up is that it is now being made into a series on Cartoon Network....Algebraic! So I hope you're excited. It was created by Pendleton Ward, who has a super cool site. I'm a bit sad because the old one had this really awesome song that was really addictive and all these random creatures that popped out and made random noises. If you're reading this Pendleton Ward (unlikely)....I WANT TO SEE THAT AGAIN. Oh and you should aaallll look up Natasha Allegri because she is aaaawesome and is working on the series too.

Ok so now I have to make sure I get Cartoon Network.

Much love from the Queen of "I haven't done any work yet today and my dissertation is due soon"

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I was feeling weird while I was studying so I put my new WEDNESDAY CAT BAG (courtesy of a surprise gift from Patrick~thank you!!!) on my you see why I get nothing done. Though actually I did a fair amount today. My room looks so colourful in this pic.

Do you want to see my desk? It looks pretty tidy in the picture but its a lot worse at the moment, there's paper everywhere and I'm not sure whats underneath it all....

Monday, 4 May 2009

Making my dissertation pretty

wasting time as usual
(My friend Emma did one of these and I copied her)

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Is it possible for someone to waste soooooooooooo much time. Eh, I am a lazy good for nothing.