Sunday, 23 August 2009


Oh I do love watching Ugly Betty. It is the only TV programme that makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Today it is raining again. I have also just decided that I want my next career to be working on the Harry Potter set in the creative department. How I intend to get this job I do not know but if I had a choice that would be where I'd like to spend the next year or so. hahahaha, unlikely. Look at what beautiful things I could be making!

Thursday, 20 August 2009


(Grande Finale)

Evening loyal followers (up to four, hello Sam!)

Gosh I am tired this week, I can't wait until I finish work and can finally have a holiday (even though after that its back to the world of jobless nothing). Its been raining torrentially today so I thought I'd stay in to rest and catch up with a bit of blogging etc.

On the weekend we visited the 3D2D craft fair in Edinburgh, there was a fair amount of rubbish there but some outstanding art too. Amongst the usual stalls (and some weirder....dogs painted on feathers?!) we came across some amazing printmakers. Peter Standen really caught my eye with his etchings that blended real life with magic and imagination. I fell in love with his picture of Edinburgh all mixed up with whales and volcanoes and allsorts (above). We ended up buying lots of his postcards (some of the most beautiful we saw aren't on his website sadly). I also really liked Cath Outrams still life prints and Patrick liked John Heywoods work.

I also got to see QT's "Inglourious Basterds" yesterday. Amazing fun. I haven't seen such a fun movie in ages. Imagine if that was really what happened in WWII. It was a change from the usual war films that come out (nothing wrong with them), but it was nice to have a sense of humour and spirit back.

What else? I took some photos today in an old lab that isn't used anymore, it looks like it got stuck in time by accident. That was a long post, maybe I will leave it for now. Goodnight.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

"My name is Hedwig. As I fell through the icy night sky...." (J.K.Rowling)

Anyway, I'm sure this isn't Hedwig but its too cool. Whoever spent all night making that should be PROUD.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Cruising the etsy aisles

Wow, first post for August. I guess I apologise again for being busy and lazy all at the same time. I haven't really had many moments to myself (even now I should be writing in my lab book), but I just took some time out to peruse Etsy for things I want but can never have and I came across this:

This amazing creation is the work of Etsy felt artist extraordinaire Felt Finesse. Its cuuuute and I want it! Too many things I want to blog about all at the same time but I will save this for when I'm not at work and supposed to be working....!