Saturday, 28 February 2009

Bicycle Messenger

How cool! Maybe I should get a bicycle.


Katie Henry makes amazing ruffled bags out of lots of beautiful vintage fabrics. I wish I had her dedication and drive, she is incredibly talented and I wish someone would buy me one of her shoulderbags. In particular I am in love with this one:
In other news, I am pining for the sun. PINING. It was quite sunny this morning but now it's all dull and grey. I can't wait to live somewhere where there is sunshine all the time. Mmm warm concrete, blue sky and sun on your face. Anyway, blogging is a bit boring when no one is reading, so if you are, speak up, or follow me because it's a bit disappointing speaking to no one. x

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Skins skins skins....'s not as good as last series. And the boys are not pretty.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

How amuuusing

hehe, also:
(By the way sorry if this distracts you, there's loads of them and they are all greatly amusing!)

I think it's Spring

What to post about? I'm having a strange week. All of a sudden the end of uni seems to be looming. Before I couldn't begin to comprehend it (denial) but now I feel like I can see the end of the metaphorical tunnel. Needless to say, IT IS SCARING ME and I dislike it INTENSELY. Much like the film that Matt is watching at the moment which involves dead bodies, blood and brains. Tres horrible, I am trying to block out the sound!

Today all my lab experiments went wrong and by the afternoon I was thoroughly tired and disillusioned. Thankfully I got to go home a bit early so that made me feel better :) Anyway, I'm going to go to bed in a minute so here is some lovely art to go and get lost in.I've had this Esao Andrews artwork on my computer for years and I remember visiting the website all the time when I was younger. I only recently remembered about it and when I went back it had all changed and there was so much new cool artwork. Its so surreal and haunting, I love it! I used to think he hand painted them all, but now I'm not sure whether he uses photoshop, if he does I think I might be disappointed :(
BY THE WAY, if you're reading, please talk to me as my blog is a bit lonely.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Words of wisdom

I feel very grown up, wearing my glasses and paying my bills, hahahaha. Not fun. To make myself happier I'm looking at printing costs for making some postcards and small books. I don't know very much about this lark, but Nubby Twiglet has been exceptionally useful and also particularly fashionable. Speaking of blogs (which I was btw), if you're ever sad you should read the words of Gala Darling, who I have just discovered and I like her pink hair. And of course Jason Mraz, who is possibly one of the most inspiring people in the world. I feel a bit stressed now so I think I will go and read Harry Potter (thats what I do when I feel stressed, I'm not sure what I would do without it).

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Spirited Away

Rune Guneriussens photographs make me think of Spirited Away, I love them!

Like a forest of cherry blossoms made from painted popcorn

So excited about Coraline coming out in May! Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite artists and Henry Selick is directing so looks like it's going to be amazing! Even the website is awesome, though it makes my computer really slow(I can't stop listening to the music either). All of this bodes well and I don't think I will be disappointed!
The concept art is beautiful too....sigh.

Friday, 20 February 2009

A Coral Room

Exhausting week, essays out the way and i'm eating cheese on toast and typing with one hand. Had a bit of a biology crew-microlab-junkfood session last night, its always quite fun despite the work part. I met a friendly cat on the way home also that tried to climb onto my lap and accosted me for cuddles.

In other news, I feel a bit poor as Scottish Power have suddenly decided we owe them loads of money. This made me considerably stressed as I came in at 3 last night and so I proceeded to spend part of my few hours of sleep time planning how to get more money. Thus! The plan is to start selling some artwork, on Etsy and maybe in Analogue and such like. I'm hoping this is a good plan and that for once I will actually do it and stop putting it off.Do you like it? I hope so or my plan will fail miserably :(

Thursday, 19 February 2009

I ama vampire, in the microlab

STILL NOT FINISHED MY ESSAY :( But nearly there so I am happy.

Monday, 16 February 2009

My small change

I've got an essay in for tomorrow so at the moment I'm not particularly happy :( It is of course all my own fault for not doing anything until the last moment. Right now I have 139 words. Urghh. And I still need to find a 50p to complete my collection of new coins by Rubbish.

If I had a scanner....

I would do this: cool is that? You're supposed to take whatever is in your bag/pockets/whatever and scan it in along with your face. One of the first things I'm going to do once I get a scanner!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hip Hop Happy

This sudden onslaught of posting is due to a tiny tiny lull in uni work and so I'm using this small amount of freedom to bombard the internet with mindlessness.
....not mindlessness! Nice stuff.
Like, the nicest stuff ever.
I want everything ever made by Oliver Jeffers (artwise, not just like, his dinner)
Or maybe I would just like to BE Oliver Jeffers. Either way I imagine I'd be happy. He is extremely cool. I bet he is a nice person too. Well done Oliver Jeffers, I think you are amazing. ALSO....there is an amaaaazing animation of his book "Lost and Found" by Studio AKA (also:amazing)
JOY. In a film. Makes you feel happy alllllll day. Maybe I'll watch it just before bed to give me happy dreams. lalalalalalala.

Oh Bella! Oh Edward!


Stephen King
has just reiterated EXACTLY what I think about Stephanie Meyers Twilight Books! I'm sure (actually I *know*) that this will be hotly contested by millions of Twilight fangirls around the world and this article is bound to incite fury among them, but as someone who has read the whole series, I still agree. I loved reading Twilight. Stephanie Meyer knows her audience VERY WELL. She speaks teenage girl VERY WELL and her story definitely appealed to my inner teenager. She knows how to get the pages turning and the story going. However, she is terrible writer. I feel like she uses the same words and phrases all the time, and she just cannot write. I feel like a teenager is actually writing the book, just from the way she describes everything (often with bad detail). I felt like my 13 year old self was writing, just from the over dramatic overtones! I still enjoyed the books IMMENSELY (it was like a great/bad trashy drama) but I will admit she is a bad writer.
And that was my two cents.

Tales from Outer Suburbia

Although I heard about Shaun Tan's amazing work a fair while ago, I never really took the time to really appreciate just HOW great it is!

I think I vaguely noticed that his drawings were nice but I got put off by the front cover of "The Arrival". It sort of felt quite blank to me and it reminds me vaguely of the Surrealists and Rene Magritte. Actually that makes it sound like I don't like Surrealism, which is completely untrue. I just felt like the cover was quite inscrutable, which is funny, because I recently read that Shaun Tan thinks that the cover is the least important part of the book. Anyway, he has some amazing paintings, as well as illustrations and sketches. I am really quite jealous.