Sunday, 7 June 2009

Shiny Things!

(funky 50p jewellery)

(fabric from Japan)

This weekend was the Meadows festival. It was a bit cold but we spent lots of time rifling through lots of junk (my favourite thing) and listening to a hundred different types of music all mashed together. We spent ages hunting out magical shiny bits of costume jewellery in a huge pile marked "50p". Look at the pretty things I got! I'm such a magpie.

When we were in Japan, we went to a flea market type thing in Kyoto (amazing btw) and I bought these little scraps of fabric from a lovely man (who gave me one free). I think they are old pieces from obis/kimonos. I thought I could do something cool with them but I haven't worked out what yet! They are quite wee, measuring 17x10 cm, give me some ideas, I am quite stuck!

Its the final Apprentice tonight! I'm not too bothered who wins this one. Also, hurrah, I'm going to Canada this year, what shall I see? x

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