Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company


(not my photo, but HOW COOL)

On our recent travels we visited New York for four days, overall I found it less exciting than I thought it would be. However I absolutely fell in love with Brooklyn. Its a lot more friendly and quirky than Manhattan. Anyway, while we were there, wandering the streets of Park Slope we passed a shop called "The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company". At first, we thought it was a joke, and we were wondering what it really was. But the more we peered into the darkened windows, the more we wondered if thats what it really was! Anyway, when we realised it was open we went in and it was AMAZING!

Basically, the BSSC is actually a non profit organisation that supports creative writing for kids. The store is actually a base for their workshops and inspires the kids imaginations by creating a exciting environment for them to work in. If I was a kid I would be sooo happy in there! It is designed so that the workshop is in a special superhero "vault" type thing and the walls are all filled with superhero products such as "Gravity" "Immortality" "Intelligence" and all manner of capes, gloves, tights and secret identities to buy. I wish I'd taken more photos but it was too amazing to take in! Never have I seen such attention to detail and also for a worthy cause. I have also just learned that it was founded by the amazing Dave Eggers (Mc Sweeneys, Where the Wild things are and A Heartbreaking work of staggering genius) - congratulations to you, you were already awesome and now you are triple times that.

Anyway. Here are some other photos from Brooklyn, both taken at the Prospect Park Farmers Market where we consumed lots of delicious food.

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