Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lo Siento

Oh fail! I keep leaving big gaps in posts.

I have been busily job hunting but meeting a lot of dead ends. Being at home doing nothing was driving me to a slow death, so now I am part time working at my Dads computer shop, spending a lot of time hiding from customers who ask me things beyond my knowledge. I feel a lot better when I am keeping busy, I was getting lazy and apathetic.

Anywhoo, do you like the t-shirt I made? Should I make more? I'm hopefully going to post more art for you to comment on and you have to tell me if it is rubbish or not.

Tomorrow I am going to see Imogen Heap, so excited! She always has really inventive shows so I am looking forward to what magic she will create! I'll update with pics hopefully soon.

Anyway, I promise to be back.

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