Friday, 16 April 2010

Colouring in

So I am not very good at using photoshop and I thought I'd have a practice colouring in session from a random sketch. I find it very frustrating and i much prefer colouring in the normal way. If anyone has any tips for me PLEASE tell me! I like making things that look they have a painted texture but instead mine looks like I coloured in using paint or something. bah.


  1. Hey Lara, you got sum skillz, if i may make a suggestion....i think it would look better if you take out the pencil lines...have you thought about drawing in PS itself?....also if you didnt know this already there are a variety of filters you can use to give a painterly texture ( dont be afraid to use filters...its not cheating...its a tool to be used)....theres my 5 cents.

    Joel OUT!

  2. Thanks Joel! Yeah I find photoshop really difficult but I will try your suggestions, I haven't really tried drawing straight off in photoshop before.

  3. hey lara, hope you're good. Just chipping in late on this one. If you put each layer on 'multiply' (its in the layers menu) they'll be nicely transparent and it makes things less obviously photoshop-y as everything is less flat. Also if you add a layer over the top of your pencil layer and have it in screen mode you can colour over your pencil layer in a lighter colour and it should cover consistently (as opposed to changing the colour in the hue/saturation tool). I tend to have a grey/blue screen layer over my pencil to make it stand out less.
    I think its cool your trying out photoshop your way! I also dont like my work looking too digital so i'd disagree with joel and say dont draw in photoshop! SOMETHING has to be handmade after all! Good luck! x

  4. Ohh thanks Lizzy! Theres so many things I have to learn in photoshop. I will try this out next time, I agree with you about work looking too digital, I'd say I prefer it to look handdrawn and "organic". Thanks for the tips :)