Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Je suis tres heureux!

I have been waiting so long to see Sylvain Chomet's next work of art and it is showing right now at the EIFF. Watching the trailer made me feel all homesick for Edinburgh and it looks so lovingly made. I know he lives in Edinburgh so I'm glad he loves it as much as I do!
Another amazing little animation that I am excited about is an adaptation of Shaun Tan's "The Lost Thing" . It is good to see some really good 2D animation and more traditional art techniques in with the CG which I'm hoping is going to have some sort of vogue some time soon.


  1. ahhh i'm tres looking forward to seeing the lost thing. this looks amazing tho, absolutely lush. Too bad theres not gonna be anywhere i can actually watch this! x

  2. Very nice entry Lara. I'm really annoyed we can't go and see The Illusionist! Grraagh

  3. Wow! Just that one screen shot makes me nostalgic! I can't imagine what a whole film would be like. It Looks beautiful.