Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Les Bande-dessines

Some sporadic posting I'm afraid! I'm just going to post a couple of nice discoveries for now....
I know summer seems forever ago, but I went to France for a couple of weeks (lovely thanks for asking). Whenever I visit France I am always impressed by their comics scene and varied styles. I stumbled across a great publisher called manolo sanctis, which prints mini comics from new talent (or as far as I can tell, it's all in french!). I bought a really beautiful comic called "Princesse Suplexe" about a girl wrestler! Even though I can't properly read it, I can make out what is going on, the joy of comics! I wish we had more independent comics publishers in the UK. Whenever I go into my local/not so local comic shops, there are never enough (or no) homemade zines and not enough homegrown talent showcased!

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