Monday, 7 February 2011

Books galore!

How amazing is this? I love looking at these huge piles of books - they look pretty daunting - but this one already looks loads better than it did before! It sounds really geeky but I love riffling through all these old books - you find some amazing stuff! I've already found an original souvenir guide to the Queen's coronation, an original set of Paddington books (which I wish I had taken - it was going to be recycled anyway), a really old edition of David Attenborough's Living Planet and some really old school nicely illustrated books on flowers and fossils. I end up coming home with so much stuff that I can't bear to recycle. I end up getting distracted from the job of sorting them sometimes - last week I stood in the room reading a kid's book that was pretty good and then remembered I what I was supposed to be doing when someone else walked past - oops.

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