Sunday, 22 March 2009

It's a fiasco!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I'm feeling a little hyper but tired! Tonight I got to eat pretty sparkley cupcakes for charity and watch a friend of mines very good band, The Als and the Pussycats, at Cabaret Voltaire. Nice sunday laid back fun. I have had a nice week altogether in fact, very busy but nice. A successful Art Society exhibition, a sunny, victorious football match, laughter at The Improverts, learning about Sororities, popcorn at work, making a bonfire and now I can smell my fruit cake cooking in the oven....mmm lemony. I get to go home tomorrow so I am glad.

Sadly I should start doing some work soon seeing as THE FINAL TERM is soon dawning. I think I will read some papers etc this holiday. I am excited because Imogen Heap is inviting people to send her artwork samples so that you can design her new, what. She is amazing. So I'm going to spend some time attempting that. ALSO. I JUST FOUND SOMETHING TRUELY AWESOME. Owning this would totally make my love for watermelon things fulfilled. That picture is courtesy of an artistic duo called Kozyndan, who create amazingly detailed surreal works of art, beautiful photos and are just generally extremely cool people. They are fabulous and I'd love to meet them, they are inspiring. I'm happy that once they came to Edinburgh and that I own their bunny tshirt.Mmm I just took my marzipan-lemon-fruitcake out of the oven and it looks so dense and warm and wooonderfuuul. I guess I should go, I have been blogging throughout the course of a film and Dirty Sexy Money. I hope it's sunny tomorrow for my train journey! Au revoir!

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