Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Very food based

Ohh, I just got a text from my Mum saying she was having dinner alone. Thinking about people eating alone sometimes makes me feel really sad. I am not sure why but it makes me feel weird inside. Silly really as loads of people eat alone all the time. Speaking of eating food, today started rather spectacularly as Matt made us all a massive fried breakfast this morning. Hash browns are a luxury reserved for school trips and Matt-breakfasts only. As a result I felt extremely full ALL day. To add to this overindulgence I made a chocolate and pumpkin bread pudding this evening using some leftover pumpkin from Halloween (NB: we have stored this pumpkin like squirrels/bears/beavers whatever for about 4 months, we are truely resourceful are we not?).

Anyway I have a few nice bits and pieces to post. Firstly I squealed with delight when I found that Tom Gauld has a Flickr with all of his illustrations from the Guardian. Happiness. Secondly I wept (not really but close) because Kid Koala arranges these really awesome evenings of quiet time music to be creative to. I'm weeping because it is in Montreal which is extremely far away. Quiet people are invited. No dancing. Actually, this sounds like the kind of thing I'd love to organise. Hmm. Thirdly Olivier Tallec has some lovely illustrations (which have a slight Quentin Blakey kinda feel to them). J'adore parce que my french has disappeared on me. Sur le weekend j'ai vu le film en francais appele "Hors de Prix" ou "Priceless" en anglais, starring the beautiful Audrey Tautou who was being particularly amusing avec her co-star Gad Elmaleh. Amuuuuuuusing. Amuse bouches. I also saw "He's just not that into you" yesterday with an old friend which was amazing fun and I laughed and cried simultaneously. This has taken me ages to write, my hot water bottle is lukewarm and my toes are cold. Not cool. I must go and shower I think. L x

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