Saturday, 4 July 2009

Aloha blog readers (if there are any)
Apologies for huge gap in posts! I've have been rather busy because of the following:
1) A job
2) Moving house
3) Graduating!
4) Hecticness in general

But in case I am still here/alive and have had an insanely busy last three weeks. However, at the moment I am feeling a little blue due to the fallout now that the happy chaos has died down. I just had a wee cycle around and bought some cookies to make me feel better, and now Michael Jacksons Earth Song is playing to indulge this pitifulness. I'm a bit sad because my wonderful year of living with four fabulous people is over and now I feel a bit lonely without them! So I am rattling around on my ownsome at the moment pretty much. This feeling is amplified due to my parents and boyfriend also leaving this week. Anyway, I'm annoying myself by blathering on about this. It will be fine once I get used to it.

Anyway, I will post some cool photos from the last few weeks soon, I will be back soon, never fear!

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  1. Hey Lara, where are you working?