Tuesday, 21 July 2009


I've been doing some little scribbles recently! There is a small (bad) photo of one of them

Its raining insanely right now, I quite like it, it is very atmospheric and makes my cup of tea even better. Sorry for lack of proper updates recently, I will be better in future.


  1. Hey Lara I have become a bit addicted to the blogging, I like the art you are churning out....you mentioned something about posting some new art each week....ok how about you draw something/character that I propose and you give me one- same thing with Pat too....it might be fun!


  2. Yes, we should all have the same challenge/brief every week and see what we come up with :)

  3. Wow Lara you posted this comment just as I clicked on the post!

  4. Yeh thats even better...if we all have the same thing to draw it will be real interesting to see how our styles vary.

    so what we drawing then....anybody?