Monday, 20 July 2009

Patrick & Joel....listen up!

Dearest Patrick and Joel
I know you are both lazy ne'er-do wells but seeing as you have both got blogs now and you are both supposed to be working tirelessly to promote yourselves and bag the animation job of your dreams (which, really, you're not), I have a proposition.

Seeing as you are ladies of leisure, every week you will produce one piece of artwork (see I don't ask much) and post it on your blog. If you're game I will also join in and I will make it a bit more of a challenge! It will be fun, trust!

Plus these artworks can be used on your blog/for your shameless self promotion/to create little things to sell/to send out etc. So you see it is not useless!

Much love


  1. Of coooourse I will do it!

  2. now you have to persuade Joel!

  3. Lara, just to correct you a little, I do promote myself.....just the animation jobs are extremely hard to bag...even the NON PAID intern jobs.....but other than that you're right I am a ne'er-do well and was gonna post arty junk on my blog anyway.

    btw I like your blog-age keep it up!