Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Oh Bella! Oh Edward!


Stephen King
has just reiterated EXACTLY what I think about Stephanie Meyers Twilight Books! I'm sure (actually I *know*) that this will be hotly contested by millions of Twilight fangirls around the world and this article is bound to incite fury among them, but as someone who has read the whole series, I still agree. I loved reading Twilight. Stephanie Meyer knows her audience VERY WELL. She speaks teenage girl VERY WELL and her story definitely appealed to my inner teenager. She knows how to get the pages turning and the story going. However, she is terrible writer. I feel like she uses the same words and phrases all the time, and she just cannot write. I feel like a teenager is actually writing the book, just from the way she describes everything (often with bad detail). I felt like my 13 year old self was writing, just from the over dramatic overtones! I still enjoyed the books IMMENSELY (it was like a great/bad trashy drama) but I will admit she is a bad writer.
And that was my two cents.

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