Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hip Hop Happy

This sudden onslaught of posting is due to a tiny tiny lull in uni work and so I'm using this small amount of freedom to bombard the internet with mindlessness.
....not mindlessness! Nice stuff.
Like, the nicest stuff ever.
I want everything ever made by Oliver Jeffers (artwise, not just like, his dinner)
Or maybe I would just like to BE Oliver Jeffers. Either way I imagine I'd be happy. He is extremely cool. I bet he is a nice person too. Well done Oliver Jeffers, I think you are amazing. ALSO....there is an amaaaazing animation of his book "Lost and Found" by Studio AKA (also:amazing)
JOY. In a film. Makes you feel happy alllllll day. Maybe I'll watch it just before bed to give me happy dreams. lalalalalalala.

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