Saturday, 9 May 2009

What time is it?

Man, I hope you have all seen ADVENTURE TIME cos if you havent WHY I ASK YOU WHY.

The reason that I bring adventure time up is that it is now being made into a series on Cartoon Network....Algebraic! So I hope you're excited. It was created by Pendleton Ward, who has a super cool site. I'm a bit sad because the old one had this really awesome song that was really addictive and all these random creatures that popped out and made random noises. If you're reading this Pendleton Ward (unlikely)....I WANT TO SEE THAT AGAIN. Oh and you should aaallll look up Natasha Allegri because she is aaaawesome and is working on the series too.

Ok so now I have to make sure I get Cartoon Network.

Much love from the Queen of "I haven't done any work yet today and my dissertation is due soon"

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