Thursday, 28 May 2009

The journey is the desination

I have always meant to create some sort of art "journal" type thing but I am hideously bad at sitting down and making myself do such a thing in one book. Today I revisited Dan Eldon's journals and was inspired, he was an amazing man, I'd love to do what he did. You should all look at his work because it is incredible. Even though I am 22, I still feel like I am very small and insignificant, but recently I have been noticing that there are people my age and younger than me that are all doing important things and I know that I should be too. Dan Eldon died when he was 22, so this makes me feel a little strange. (Don't know if that made much sense, but I am not very good and putting stuff into words)

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  1. Lara, how weird! I too rediscovered Dan Eldon the other week; and felt exactly the same! He DIED when he was 22. When I first discovered his journals in first year, I thought.. how tragic, but he still seemed OLDer. Now I am 23. And what have I done? Certainly not enough arty stuff.