Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Oh dear, the presentation I am making is pretty poor. I'm so bored of it that the whole thing is very....blah.

But anyway, quick question: Would Voldemort prefer Rich Tea or Custard Creams?
This whole discussion makes me laugh everytime I read it! I like that so many people have opinions on this and the answers are amazing (examples below)!

"I don't think Voldemort would like any biscuit with a soft centre! He seems more of a Hobnob guy to me. I can just see him sitting there with a steaming mug of Unicorn's blood, wearing his fluffy Dementor slippers!"

"Nobody in their right mind could possibly prefer Rich Tea to anything!
Voldemort is not in his right mind.
Therefore he prefers Rich Tea."

"You're all way out. It`s got to be a Jacobs cracker"

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