Thursday, 28 May 2009


(sorry some bad photos but it is not daytime atm)

I am making things! Now that I am no longer a STUDENT and I am FREE I get to do whatever I want until I realise I have no money and that I need a job. Its not as fun as I was hoping. Anyway, today I made loads of little things to use for brooches/stitchmarkers/charms.

Yesterday we had a fun party to say farewell to Matt, thankfully there were no incidents involving washing machines this time. Since Friday I have just been reading, sleeping, basking in sunlight, watching films, going on spontaneous theatre trips, having dinners with friends, dancing, pretending to be an animal and experimenting with some arty endeavours. Apparently it is going to be really hot tomorrow IT BETTER BE I CAN'T WAIT!

Going to do some painting now, a bientot!


  1. L chan, you're reall good at making these! Can you make a key ring too? For ME? O_O

  2. do you like the cakes? They are my favourite and turned out to be accidentally quite good.

  3. bag! hehe i just saw a link to your blog from FB ^^ how art thou? i LOVE these! they are sooo cute! i must say i like the little ghostie things best :D xx

  4. Thanks Siggly! I shall make you a cute ghost as a keyring or something!