Thursday, 16 April 2009

I'm complaining

Blogging from the lab....I've reached a new low. My experiment is crushing my spirit....In case you're interested its called ChIP (Chromatin Immunoprecipitation) and it a) takes aaaages (over the course of three days) b) is very fiddly and annoyingly requires great fastidiousness c) I always seem to do something wrong, which when you think about how long it takes, is just ridiculous because it means I can't just start all over again, and if I do it really wrong then I have just wasted 3 days. WHAT. d) also it smells as there are various chemicals/fluids that have a less than pleasurable odour.

What's annoying is that everytime I do it I think "this time will be the time I get it right!" with unnerving optimism and then proceed to feel like I am a bull in a china shop and blunder around and get everything WRONG WRONG WRONG. also the experiment is rigorous and does not allow time for lunch. also the part I'm at now involves doing something for about 5 mins and nothing for 10 (repeat x 10).


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