Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Inner Eye does not see upon command!

I have just watched the extras on the Harry Potter Order of The Phoenix film and there is a whole scene dedicated to Professor Trelawney eating her dinner in the Great Hall. OH THE HILARITY. Its so pointless (because it's about 5 minutes long) but it is possibly the funniest thing ever. So funny. Im so happy (whoops just typed Harry by accident) that someone made the decision to film that and that Emma Thompson spent her time being so Trelawneyesque. If you haven't seen it you should look it up because it is immmensely amusing.

Also, looking at all the behind the scenes stuff has made me wish I was working in the art/graphics department, it looks SO FUN. And I never knew that so many of the things that look CGI'd are actually real props! Real lighting up wands! Real crystal balls! Real crazy mechanical door thingys! There's still time anyway....two more films to go!

Sorry for the Harry Potter overload, I'll come back with something different next time

P.S. Two cool things: Ginny in the new film. The typography and design in the last film.

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