Thursday, 2 April 2009

Magical items

I am supposed to be doing more productive things but tonight I am so tired. So I'm just going to do some blogging and then maybe have a bath or something. I wish I was back in London because there is so much stuff happening! Obama is here! JK Rowling is also in London and I'm jealous because some lucky lucky people are going to see her reading at the Royal Opera House. Highly unfair. However, isn't she looking lovely? Come on Jo, I'm not going to be in Edinburgh much longer! Hurry up and accidentally bump into me in a cafe whilst I coincidentally have a Harry Potter book in my bag.

Also in London at the moment is this amazing steampunky Victorian invention known as a Telectroscope, by Tower Bridge. I think it works using fibre optics, but the magic of this thing allows you to see America! Its so gothic and so magical. I hope it's still there when I get back.
Other extraordinary things that blow my mind with their greatness:

The Where the wild things are trailer makes me think October is too far away. Glorious! If I had written that book I'd be fulfilled.

This confuses and confounds me. My stubborn nature makes me refuse to give up on this but it's practically impossible. In fact I don't believe I've got past the first two pages.

. My most wanted book OF THE YEAR. Dave McKean is terrifying, thrilling and inspiring. Seriously I'm telling you about this but please don't go and buy it or I might cry because they are limited edition and if there aren't going to be any left by the time I have money I'll be forced to buy it for just about a million pounds on the internet. I mean, unless you are buying it for me, in which case, go ahead.

Anyway, see ya later chipsticks. I gotta head to bed.

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